Cool Heads Always Prevail

Even in the most oppressive heat deep in the dog days of summer, most people walk from one air-conditioned environment to another:   from the comfortable climate control of their home to the equally livable chill of their vehicle’s cooling unit; from the cool interior of their car to the crispness of a shopping mall, often people only pass through the hottest temperatures in transit.

Then there are folks who work outside, and they have to get the job done in whatever conditions nature’s seasonal mood throws their way-from the cold blasts of winter, and layered clothing and thermal underwear for highway construction crews, to heatwaves of July and cooling gear for construction workers.

Over the years many studies have shown that when temperatures go up, tolerance levels go down. When heat heightens, tempers flare. Government statistics have long shown spikes in crime rates during the summer months, particularly during heatwaves. Clich├ęs about the dangers of hot-headedness versus ice water flowing in the veins prove to be accurate through the long lens of experience and time.

cooling gear for construction workers.

The environment matters

To keep workers safe and productive, core body temperatures need to be regulated-maintained during cold snaps and lowered in the height of summer. For school children to learn in the classroom, those laboratories of learning need to be comfortable–like Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ porridge, temperatures need to be “just right” for optimum learning to occur. Firefighters bursting into the heat and demonic dancing of flames need cooling relief somewhere in the layers of their protective gear so that those brave men and women can save lives.

Nothing comforts like a roaring fire on a somber winter night. Nothing brings relief like the cool breeze circulating inside when the heat blazes outside.