How to Reduce the Need for AC Repair

The summer heat in Texas is excruciating. It is imperative that your AC is in tip-top condition to prevent the headaches that accompany the sweltering temperatures. You can easily create custom air systems in Texas that fit your exact needs and keep costs of cooling your home or business low. However, there are numerous other ways to reduce the need for summer AC repair and the expense that comes along with it. Some of the tips to help you keep the AC repairman away include:

·    Change the filter regularly. A dirty AC filter clogs the unit, causing it to work harder to cool the home. In turn, higher cooling costs and a unit that receives more wear and tear results.

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·    Preventative maintenance service is recommended every year. The cost of the service is reasonable and considerably less than a repair bill. Maintenance service ensures the unit is ready to keep you cool and replaces and repairs any parts that aren’t up to par.

·    What temperature is your thermostat set at? If you can crank the temps up, you’ll save a nice chunk of change and reduce wear and tear to the system. For every degree above 78 F that you set the thermostat, you’ll save $8 per month!

·    Know when it is time to replace the AC unit. Life expectancy for modern HVAC units is about 15 to 20 years. If you are spending more on repairs each year than it is worth, maybe it is time to replace the unit.

Nothing is more frustrating than a broken AC unit when the heat is soaring. Use the tips above to keep your unit working its best and to keep cooling costs low. These simple tips can make a tremendous difference in your summer enjoyment.